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IRLL Families,

It’s been an amazing 2019 Little League season for Irvine Ranch Little League (IRLL) and we can’t believe the spring season is coming to an end. THANK YOU to all of our managers, coaches, team parents, snack bar volunteers, umpires, scorekeepers, Directors, and to everyone who has given their time and talents to make this league as successful as it’s been.

Did you know that our league is active year round? As the regular Little League season ends in May, All Star season begins for older divisions, which run from June to August. Then, the Fall Ball season begins in September. Before you know it, it’s time for spring ball!

As you have heard in the past, IRLL is composed of an ALL VOLUNTEER Board of Directors.  We need YOU, our talented IRLL families, to join our amazing Board of Directors for the 2019-2020 season.

Below is a list of all Board of Director positions available. We encourage you to read through each one and consider being part of the 2019-2020 IRLL season.  Current Board Members are available to answer any questions you may have regarding the positions. Their contact information is listed next to each position below. Additionally, current Board Members will be available to help you transition into your new role. The 2019-2020 season begins Fall 2019.

We want to make IRLL the best it can be and we can’t do it without you!!!

PRESIDENT – The President is the main representative of IRLL and is responsible for ensuring compliance with policies, principles, and rules of Little League. Contact Erik R. Peterson at 714-988-5193 or for any questions.

VICE PRESIDENT –The Vice President performs duties of the President in their absence.

SECRETARY – The Secretary records activities of the league and maintains files, mailing lists, and all necessary records.

TREASURER – The Treasurer is responsible for accurate and proper handling of monies.

PLAYER AGENT – The Player Agent handles the list of all IRLL players and ensures compliance with residency and eligibility.

SAFETY OFFICER – The Safety Officer ensures proper procedures are followed to minimize injuries.

INFORMATION OFFICER –The Information Officer is responsible for maintaining and updating the IRLL website.

COACHING COORDINATOR – The Coaching Coordinator is the liaison between the Board of Directors and managers.

UMPIRE IN CHIEF – The Umpire in Chief enforces the code of conduct to be followed by all umpires at games and also ensures umpires are available for every game.

ASSISTANT UMPIRE IN CHIEF – The Assistant Umpire in Chief performs the duties of the Umpire in Chief in their absence.

EQUIPMENT MANAGER – The Equipment Manager supervises the purchase and care of playing equipment and ensures equipment storage is secured.

SCHEDULING DIRECTOR – The Scheduling Director coordinates the scheduling of games and practice fields for all IRLL teams.

FIELD MANAGER – This is a City Liaison position representing IRLL for all home fields coordinating fields with IRLL Teams

CONCESSIONS FOOD & BEVERAGE DIRECTOR –The Food and Beverage Director oversees all functions of the snack bars including volunteer scheduling, ordering, procuring products, maintaining inventory, and preparing and pricing food.

FUNDRAISING AND SPONSORSHIP DIRECTOR – The Fundraising and Sponsorship Director develops procedures for league wide fundraising activities.

UNIFORM MANAGER – The uniform director coordinates purchase and distribution of uniforms. C

COMMISSIONERS – Each Commissioner communicates IRLL and Little League requirements with managers in their respective divisions. Contact any of the following with questions you have:

  • Tee Ball Division
  • Rookie Division
  • AA Division
  • AAA Division
  • Majors Division
  • Intermediate
  • Junior Division
  • Challenger Division

Submit your NAME, EMAIL, and PHONE NUMBER to Shifa Safeeq at no later than Friday, May 24, 2019 to become part of our 2019-2020 Board of Directors.

We want to provide your children with the best Little League experience possible. We hope you join us!


Irvine Ranch Little League
Board of Directors