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Safety Training Video

Please review this training  video AND sign the Safety Plan Acknowledgement Form BEFORE attending practice

What is the league doing to ensure the health and safety of its players?

The health and safety of our players is our top priority.   Detailed information on our safety plan can be found  in our Return to Play Protocol and in the above Training Video.

Are Face Coverings Required?

Face coverings are required for everyone not actively involved in game play.   This includes spectators, coaches, and players in the dugout and on the sidelines.

With the drop in Covid numbers and increase in vaccine availability, the state guidance for mask wearing during youth athletics has changed.  Until recently, masks were required at all times by everyone, including the players, coaches, umpires and spectators.  The new rule relaxes the mask requirement for players when they are actively involved in game play.  

We realize that wearing a mask is not comfortable and, to some, may feel unnecessary when we are outside and/or adequately spaced apart.  However, our compliance with this mask policy is required by the state, the county and the City of Irvine.  Failure to abide by this policy risks losing the privilege, as a league, to play on City fields. 

As a league, we are asking that you and your family abide by this policy and encourage the families on your team to do the same.  We ask this because we know how important playing baseball is to our kids this year, and we don't want something as simple as mask wearing to be the thing that jeopardizes that experience.  I have been proud to see that at every game I've been to the IRLL parents and coaches are wearing their masks.

Will teams be conducting regular health screenings?

Yes!  Team safety officers will be conducting mandatory Health Screenings before EVERY practice for EVERY player and volunteer.  

Will refunds be issued if the season is cancelled?

IRLL offers FULL REFUNDS* to any family who requests it before the following dates:

Lower Division Players (approximately Age 4-7): February 8, 2021

Upper Division Players (approximately Age 7-16): February 12, 2021

*Less a $15 processing fee

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer refunds after these deadlines even if our season is shut down.  IRLL is operated entirely by unpaid volunteers, but we do have a number of fixed costs that are incurred before the season even begins.  These costs include:

  • Uniforms (shirts, hats, masks)
  • Insurance
  • Field usage charges
  • First aid kids
  • Covid-19 safety items (thermometers, sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, etc)
  • Charter fees to Little League International 

We have carefully priced our Spring 2021 season to keep Irvine Ranch Little League in a position to continue to offer baseball to Irvine families while still keeping fees as low as possible.